Search Engines Revealed - How You Can Finally Achieve Top Search Engine Rankings

"Amazing Secrets Discovered By California Computer Nerd Take Any Website & Skyrockets It To The Top Of The Search Engine Listings!"

Search Engines Revealed - How You Can Finally Achieve Top Search Engine Rankings Here's An Open Invitation To Reach Inside The Twisted Mind Of A Search Engine Guru and 'Steal' His Secret For Driving Tons Of Free Traffic To Your Site... Assuring That You'll Make Loads Of Easy Money!

Dear Internet Friend,

   Are you tired of site rankings that place your web page on page number 5, 6, or 10 on Google and other search engines? You and I both know that in order to get serious amounts of traffic to your site, you've got to rank higher.

   If you're interested in making your website rank higher than ever, so you can drive free, targeted traffic to your website, then this will be the most important letter you ever read.

   It really is possible to get high rankings for your web site, without spending lots of money if you use the right methods. I should know, since I make my living online, and my income depends on site rankings.

The following information is vital if:

  • You're interested in learning search engine optimization techniques that work.
  • You're interested in knowing the same strategies used by professional SEO firms.
  • You would like to create a literal flood of traffic to your web site.
  • You want to earn a real income online, instead of a few hundred dollars each month.

   Whether your web site has been online for just a few weeks, or for years, you've probably already discovered an important fact: search engines are key to visitors finding your site. They're the method of choice for finding web sites, whether someone is brand new to the Internet, or is a sophisticated web researcher. Young and old, new to the web, or highly experienced, we all use search engines and hunt through those first 10 or 20 results for the answers to our search.

Rankings Really Do Matter.

iProspect discovered during its Search Engine Branding Survey (conducted in March 2002) that more than half of those doing online searches (56.6%) abandon their search after the first two pages of results. Only 23% of searchers ever look past the first two pages, and the numbers drop off significantly with each page.
Source: Cyberatlas, Search Engine Usage Ranks High, Nov. 2002

   How does your site rank? Is it in those all-important top 10 results? Can people even find your web site online? The answer to these questions is vital, because if they can't find you, they can't buy from you. It's that simple. And search engines are how customers find you online.

   This is why search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the biggest buzzwords on the Internet, and why firms that specialize in it can charge thousands of dollars. You may have thought that getting excellent rankings is impossible for the little guy who doesn't have deep pockets to spend.

   You may have decided instead to try paid advertising to make your site more visible. This method does work (for awhile) and we've all tried it, including myself. But the fact is, paid advertising doesn't work in the long run. It only works as long as you keep pouring money into your campaigns. It's expensive. And it isn't the best method for getting your site seen by an online audience.

There's A Better Way... It involves Learning And Using Methods Proven To Work!

   If you want your site to stand out online, you need to get into the coveted top ten on the major search engines. This can be done, if you know the methods that professionals use to optimize web sites.

   Your site can rank at the top of the pack online if you use these methods. Methods that I'll teach you in my eBook, Search Engines Revealed. This eBook shows you how to get your site ranked highly, with methods that I have used over and over again on my own sites, and watched a literal stampede of traffic result.

Search Engine Optimization Works
Better Than Other Methods

   If you've read much about marketing online, then you've probably heard a lot of theories about how things are done, and how they work. You've probably read information put out by people that aren't really earning a large income online, too.

   I do. And based on my own observation, and literally thousands of hours successfully selling products online, I've developed a formula that I believe very accurately describes how income is made online.

High Rankings = High Volume Traffic = High Income

   I call this the online success equation and I've used it to create several successful online businesses. 

   In Search Engines Revealed you'll learn real insider secrets and methods to achieve top search engine rankings, the types that top SEO firms use to bring highly targeted traffic to web sites.

You'll learn:

What you need to know about how search engines and directories work, to get the most from listings

Insider tips on how sites get ranked and why they don't

How to get top ranking on all of the major search engines including Google and Yahoo

What search engines are really looking for and how to give it to them

The big three search engines and why you must get ranked on these for success

Foolproof methods for search engine submission that work and one you must avoid at all costs

   You'll have the benefit of this type of information in a highly readable format that you can refer to again and again. This advice-filled eBook includes the best of the best information about search engine optimization that I've learned over the years.

In these pages you'll discover:

How to analyze your site listing the way search engines do-free!

Methods your top competitors use to get their rankings and how to use them yourself!
Two things your customers are looking for when they use search engines and how to make sure your site has them!
Site designs that will power your site to higher site rankings and increase customer buying behavior
Choosing memorable domain names that search engines love!

   I consider this eBook to be a complete manual for helping your site rise in rankings on the search engines. A manual that anyone, from beginner to experienced pro can use and benefit from.

Secrets most SEO firms don't like sharing...
Because it puts them out of business!

I personally think people can't know too much, or ever learn more than they need to, about a topic that is literally "life or death" for a web site on the Internet today.

This is why, in "Search Engines Revealed" I reveal information that those outside of SEO circles normally don't discuss, because they consider them trade secrets.

You'll discover:

  • The real truth about cloaking, and why some firms use it, while others don't.
  • Things the Search Engine Submission guidelines don't tell you but you need to know.
  • Five reasons web sites get ranking penalties and how to avoid them.
  • How to make sure your site gets into the Open Directory, and why this is one of the first moves you should make
  • Site architecture that ensures better rankings automatically.
  • Stemming and how it can be used to help give your site a "leg up".
  • Keyword choices and methods that search engine optimization firms use.
  • How meta robot tags can prevent your site from losing rankings.
  • -and much, much more!

Why Share This Information?
...Aren't You Arming Your Competition?

   Because I make my living online, and use the same techniques for my business that I discuss in my eBook, I've received some interesting comments and questions from my peers. Aren't you arming your competition? they ask.  This and similar questions have confirmed for me something I've suspected for a long time: those with good rankings like to guard their favorite methods closely. And they don't want others to really know how it's done.

   Oh, they'll toss a few tidbits out here and there in articles, or publications. But they don't want to share with you what really helps them win in the rankings game.

   I don't agree with this. I believe in sharing information that can help others with the commitment to working hard, and the desire to succeed. I don't believe that search engine optimization techniques should only be available to a few experts. I remember when I was new to online marketing myself, and feel there's plenty of room for those who don't mind rolling up their shirt sleeves, putting in some effort (notice, I'm not saying this is a you don't have to work method-it is work, especially in the beginning). But it's well worth the effort, and the income that results!

Secrets Of Getting Good Link Popularity Revealed!...

   Link popularity is also a major factor in getting your site ranked on the major search engines, included Google.
I'll teach you the secrets of how the most popular sites get links.

In this exciting eBook, you'll learn:

Common mistakes that most people make in linking and one proven method that works

How to analyze your site's link popularity: tricks that the pros use, that don't cost you a penny!

The truth about FFA's and why you don't want to use them

Make paid listing programs work for you, and get your site ranked faster

How to find high-quality links that will make your site rankings skyrocket

The fool-proof method of getting others to link to your site

Keywords: Key To Getting Your Web Site Found Online!

   When search engines index sites, they take a snapshot of it and store it in a huge database. When someone taps a word or phrase into a search engine, it searches through its indexed pages for ones that contain these same words or phrases.

   I'll teach you how to use this fact to your advantage, and make sure that your site is one of the first ones that comes up during a search.

The Importance of Keywords:

Simply put, keyword phrases can "make or break" your site online. Used incorrectly, even excellent sites won't get found. Used correctly, your site will rise to higher rankings and a stampede of traffic will result.

The problem is that most people don't know how to identify the best ones, or use them to best advantage. But after reading my eBook, you will.

In "Search Engines Revealed", you'll learn:

  • Tips for choosing the best possible keyword phrases for your site and how to identify the "duds"
  • Where to gain free access to keyword generating software that professional SEO firms use
  • Why where you place your keywords is vital and can make your site visible or invisible to search engines
  • How much content you must have and how to know when you have too much
  • Copywriting tricks and methods used by professional SEO copywriters
  • Why placing keywords and phrases in your meta tags isn't effective any longer and where you should be placing them
  • How to discover which keyword phrases work best and which ones don't-within days

This is just the beginning of what you'll learn in this information-packed eBook where I literally reveal not hundreds, but thousands of useful tips on optimizing your site.

Avoid Mistakes That So-Called "Experts"
Often Teach That Could Get Your Site Banned.

   There are many (unethical or outdated) companies and people who teach optimization tricks that are actually passing along bad information. Information that can get you banned from the major search engines, if you use their methods. And once a site is banned, it can take up to six months to a year, or even longer, to get it ranked once again.

   I'll show you how to avoid these problems in Search Engines Revealed. You'll have a search engine optimization manual in your hands that can help you get your site to rise in the rankings legitimately and stay there.

Inside its pages, you'll read about:

The top three reasons sites get banned from search engines, and how to avoid them

To cloak or not to cloak: how search engines view this (and you should, too!)

Why doorway pages are often ignored, and don't help site rankings

What you must know about keyword stuffing and why it could get your site banned

The best possible architecture for your site and the worst (that guarantees your site will be skipped over by search engines)

   I've literally taken everything that I've learned about search engine optimization, the techniques that have helped my sites get listed in the top ten for their categories time and again, and shared them with you in this eBook. You'll learn which pages from your site you should submit for best results. Why good link architecture can improve your site's usability, while helping your rankings. And much more.

Search Engines Revealed

   I didn't leave anything out. I consider this a full course in search engine optimization that can be read and understood by complete beginners, yet is filled with insider tips that even experienced marketers will benefit from. I even cover the details of paid inclusion and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, and how to use them to their best advantage.

   You'll learn insider tricks and information that normally takes marketers years to learn; methods that let them get the maximum from their advertising dollars. In Search Engines Revealed, I share it all, as I discuss how to manage your own effective search engine marketing campaign.

Optimizing your online campaigns the smart way including:

Learn how Google's adwords and Adsense (contextual advertising) work, and how they can help even those on a tight budget get online visibility-fast!.

Discover the benefits of using Overture, Spinks, and Ahha! and what you must know to get the most from each of them

Learn how Searchfeed can feed your site to major portals and ISP's

Find out how to use affiliate programs to generate traffic to your site

Read about proven methods that will fast track your site to rapid acceptance on search engines-often within days!

   I even share with you the most effective tools for tracking your site traffic (and it will come, if you use the tips I share with you), and where to find them. I've laid it all out, step-by-step, with a plan for optimizing your site that will help you improve your site rankings, and make you a real competitor online.

   This eBook isn't just a little bit of information, here and there. It's everything you need to know about search engine optimization, laid out for you in this comprehensive volume. I share with you tons of techniques and insider tips on how to optimize your site- and create a traffic stampede to your web site.

This Sound Great! How Much Is It?

   In Search Engines Revealed, you'll receive thousands of dollars worth of information, and the results of years of researching what really works to get your site seen-and highly ranked- for the low cost of only $47.

   Normally, an intensive training course such as this eBook would be very expensive. This is the kind of information that normally costs hundreds of dollars to learn at SEO seminars. Or thousands of dollars in consulting fees.

   This is an incredible price for information that will allow you to successfully optimize your web site, and see your site rankings begin to rise, when you order a copy today.

   I want to help you get started on helping your web site get the traffic you've always hoped for, and I believe that the information this eBook offers is vital to anyone serious about marketing online. I want to urge you to start taking the first step today towards improving your site's online rankings, and to enjoying the income that this traffic will bring.

   This eBook will pay for itself many times over. This IS NOT a marketing ploy either. This is the 100% truth. So act quickly and start maintaining your position in the search engines.


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Doesn't it make sense to order now, and learn proven techniques that work for improving your site rankings? And to enjoy these six free bonuses that will help you bring a flood of traffic to your web site? The sooner you do, the sooner you will start seeing the traffic rise, and the income start pouring in.


Search Engines Revealed - How You Can Finally Achieve Top Search Engine Rankings

YES! I want "Search Engines Revealed - How You Can Finally Achieve Top Search Engine Rankings." I understand I will receive a complete, practical step-by-step guide to successful search engine marketing and optimization that will help increase my search engine placement. I will receive instant access to "Search Engines Revealed - How You Can Finally Achieve Top Search Engine Rankings" immediately after I make payment.

I understand this offer has a 200-day ironclad money-back guarantee. So if the eBook does not deliver what it promised, I can request a prompt and courteous refund.

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   You'll be glad you did. I look forward to hearing about the changes in your life that earning real income will make, because now you're finally getting real traffic with the techniques that I share with you.

   Here's to watching your site rise in rankings, and earning the income you've dreamed of,

Marty Crossland, PhD, MBA

P.S. Did I mention that I completely guarantee that you'll be delighted with this eBook literally filled with Search Engine Optimization tips and advice (the type that optimization firms charge thousands of dollars for)? Search Engines Revealed is a complete reference manual on SEO techniques that covers everything from beginning to advanced methods.

It's completely risk-free to order, because I'm offering you a 100%, absolute money-back guarantee: if you aren't satisfied with the practical, workable tips and advice offered in my eBook, I'll refund 100% of the purchase price.

P.P.S. This exciting package will help you with each aspect, from keyword generation to site submission. When you order Search Engines Revealed, you'll learn the advanced tips and secrets that SEO firms hold closely, but which I reveal to the public.

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