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Marty Crossland
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Tuesday, 1:30 p.m.

How many times have you heard that?

     "The greatest!"

     "The best!"

     It's just nauseating, isn't it?

     Everyone seems to say this about their products, but it's rarely true.  This has become a real problem because you just can't say "the best" anymore and have it be meaningful.

     It's a real shame because when something that truly is "the greatest" comes along you'll be so numb to it.   It just won't have any weight.

     What you'd have to do is ...

Well, you'd have to prove it, and that's what I'm about to do.

     The book you're about to read is one of the most detailed and helpful documents ever written about running your business.

     I'm not the only one who says this - many others do as well.

     I'm going to prove to you that this is the case, but before I do that, let me give you a little background.

     For the last several months I've been doing some digging and personal research about a man you have probably heard of: Mark Joyner.

     Mark is a #1 best-selling author, a man who has overseen millions and millions of dollars in Internet sales, and is widely recognized as one of the most important pioneers of e-commerce and Internet Marketing.

      Now, you have probably heard about the astounding successes of Mark's many web ventures (and you may have heard of some of his royal screw ups and very public blunders), but there are some things you may not know about him.

     First, let's recap some of what he has done online:

  • Some credit Mark with the invention of e-book marketing, popularizing the e-book format long before anyone else.  One of Mark's e-books was downloaded over 1,000,000 times by 1998 when he stopped counting.  It is the only e-book ever to be given ZDNet's "5 Star Software" rating, and was recognized by as one of the Top 100 downloaded files of 1999.  All of the e-books you see today?  This was their genesis.  Be it books for sale or "viral" e-books, the roots of all of them can be traced back here.

  • Mark has created several of the Top 100 Most Visited Web Sites in the world.  When you realize that there are billions of websites you know that this is quite an accomplishment.  One of Mark's sites ( rose to the #36 position (above even all porn sites and almost every Fortune 500 site) within 6 weeks of its launch.

  • Mark's companies have sold millions and millions of dollars in products and services - almost all online and on a zero-dollar ad budget.

  • You get the idea ...

     Almost anyone who has been paying attention to what's going on in the world over the last 10 years has probably heard of Mark from somewhere.

     What I discovered about Mark as I did my research was even more intriguing.

     Mark is a pretty eccentric guy, to say the least.  His past will reveal some interesting clues about his success and what makes up his psychology.

  • Mark is a former US Army Officer and a cold-war veteran of Military Intelligence.

  • Mark speaks the extremely difficult Korean language at almost native fluency.

  • Mark graduated at the top of his class in almost every military school he attended (he missed the #1 spot on Office Candidate School by 2 seconds on his two mile run test).

  • Mark is rumored to do his best thinking hanging upside down in gravity boots.

  • Mark dropped out of High School, tested into University, dropped out again, enlisted in the Army, attended the world-famous Defense Language Institute (graduating at the top of his class), and then completed a Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree in his spare time while he worked the harrowing life of a military intelligence operative.

  • Mark has been awarded for his military service by the US Army, the Korean Consulate General, the Republic of Korea Army, and the President of the United States.

  • And the list goes on ...

     Now, why is all this important?

     Well, it gives you a little glimpse into the background and the mind of the man who wrote the document you are about to read.  You are asked to read "how to" courses about marketing every day and some are better than others.   Before you read this one, I want you to get a glimpse of how important it is, first.

     Don't just read this document like you would any other book about Internet Marketing - study it the way you would anything truly extraordinary.

     Very recently I acquired the rights to sell Mark's "Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript Volume II."   When I read that Mark was selling these rights I was utterly blown away.

     Mark's first "CIIM" is perhaps the most widely read and raved about document about Internet Marketing ever written.

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Here are Just a Few Things People Said About the Original Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript

"By far the best ..."

"By far the most powerful information about marketing I've seen.  Mark Joyner's Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript reveals incredibly powerful information that anybody involved in online marketing should have - My sales increased 2000% after reading and applying the confidential information contained in this book."
Dan Hamilton
Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach

"... perhaps the best thing written about Internet Marketing ever."

"This is, perhaps, the best thing written about Internet Marketing ever.  Even some die-hard critics of Mark are jumping up proclaiming how great this is."
Willie Crawford

"... the best I've seen anywhere."

"The rest of the manuscript was extremely useful, but I have to tell you: the suggestions on increasing email response rates were the best I've seen anywhere.

"I've sold millions of dollars worth of products for my clients using nothing but email to drive traffic to web-based sales letters. I believe we could have increased that by at least a million dollars in each of the last two years with this information."
-- Paul Meyers,

"... far and away the best internet marketing book ever written. I'd stake my life on it!"

"I just finished up your CIIM and couldn't get enough. It's like watching your favorite movie and hoping it will never end. This is the first, and I do mean first, written work about online marketing that I have TRULY gotten something positive out of the whole way through. 100% from the heart, CCIM is far and away the best internet marketing book ever written. I'd stake my life on it!"
Chayden Bates,

"... quite literally now THE best marketing & online business product I've had the privilege of reading ...."

"CIIM was ... AMAZING! I was so disappointed when it was over.
But this is quite literally now THE best marketing & online business product I've had the privilege of reading in all of my four years online. It was spectacular!

"This is TRULY the best product I've ever laid my virtual hands on, and I mean 'best' to be the one that has inspired the most excitement, and that WILL generate the MOST profit for me ... hands down."
-- Harmony Major,

And that's just a tiny sample ...

I could go on and on like this with the glowing testimonials and praise for this book.

     As you see, if Mark were to write a follow up to this document, to say he'd have a tough act to follow would be an extreme understatement.

So, what the heck was it that made me think he could pull of a truly worthy sequel?

     That's why I started to dig into Mark's past.

     After learning what I did about Mark I was quite eager to read anything he writes.

     Was this a worthy sequel?    

     Well, the book you're about to read is the entire plan he gives out to all of his clients when starting any business.

     Mark charges $2,000 per hour to his consulting clients and they rave that he is worth every single penny.

"I'm literally losing sleep studying and taking notes from the package you sent me. Do you have any clue how rare it is for me to say something like that to someone?"
The Legendary Gary Halbert said in an Email to Mark

        I've since seen the first draft of the book, and I can definitely say, without question, that ...

CIIM Volume II Blows Away The Original

     Now, I know that's a pretty bold statement, but once you read it you'll know why I say that.

     Here's a small sample of what you'll see inside:

  • The tricks to getting real continuous sustained sales online (not just a quick short burst)

  • Mark's Brand New "IPPLM" Formula for Failure-Proofing Your Business

  • The Insanely Powerful Secret of Mark's Brand New Buzzword: "Integration Marketing"

  • How Mark Cuts His Clients' Customer Care Costs by 90%!  (These are not the tricks you have thought of before.)

  • Ingenious observations that will explode the sales of anyone selling anything online (including affiliates and networkers) ...

  • WAIT! ...

I could go on and on telling you what you'll learn inside, but ...

     I don't want to waste a second of your time.  What I want for you to do is to download this document and devour it immediately.

     Rather than waste your time telling you about it, I want you to experience it yourself.

     If you don't like it - just let me know and you will be entitled to a full prompt and courteous refund on the spot.

     In fact, if you're not satisfied for any reason, I'll be happy to refund your money.

     Let me just make it clear that CIIM Vol. 2 is everything you hope it will be and more.  I am one of a limited number of authorized resellers of this document and I want to make sure that not even a single second stands between you reading this document.

  I could rave on about how powerful this document is, but don't take my word for it.  Here is what early preview readers had to say about the 1st draft of CIIM Volume II.

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Feedback from Readers of the NEW! Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript Volume II: "Your Business Battle Plan and Your Life on Fire."

" ... blows the original right out of the water ..."

"Joe Vitale said that everyone selling online should keep a copy of the original Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript on their desk... this one blows the original right out of the water. I can't begin to tell you how (in less than 6 days) it has changed my outlook on business, and life. Whether you are just starting out in business or are getting ready to close the doors, this book will help you incredibly... I guarantee that!"
Sam Heyer
President, Magga Marketing

"... should be required reading ..."

"The 16 pages of the 'Your Gut Check' are worth the price of entire publication. They should be required reading for everyone considering a business -- online or off. In more than 30 years of business law practice, I have given the same advice to clients many times -- but Mark puts it much more clearly and eloquently than anyone I have read (including my own efforts.) The rest of the CIIM Volume II is equally direct, to the point, and on-the-money."
Stephen A. Frew
Counselor at Law

"... a definite must-read, no question ..."

"From this day forward marketing will no longer be 'Patricia in Wonderland' to me... All thanks to your report, which by the way not only excels in clarity but makes you laugh along the way - about yourself most of the time. Absolutely brilliant in its advice on how to proceed and make your way to the top! If you're any bit serious about your business, this manuscript will help you cut straight through all the BS and marketing hype and make you FOCUS and stick to the ESSENCE! Definite must-read, no question about it.
Patricia Ritsema van Eck
Heart Focus Trainer and Coach

"... the best I have ever read ..."

"My opinion: this is the best reference manual for starting and maintaining a business that I have ever read, and I've read quite a few. Thank you for this priceless tool."
Rob Stuckey

"... will make your competitors look like amateurs."

"Make it through the gut check chapter and then base your product launch on the steps and strategies in CIIM2, add a little thinking of your own, and you have yourself a solid foundation for a product launch that will make your competitors look like amateurs."
Henrik Flensborg

" ... ignore it at your peril!"

"Had I have known 'then' what I know now. I would definitely have taken a different route into business. CIIM Volume II is an eye-opener and pulls no punches. Making a living on-line is not as easy as many 'guru's' would have you believe.  Listen to what Mark Joyner has to say - ignore it at your peril."
Tom O'Brien

"... a must-read to anyone ..."

"Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript Volume II (CIIM 2) is like having your very own advisor without paying a fortune for his services. I was always wondering what kind of ‘secrets’ a private consultant was providing to his clients. Now I know. And I also know that I will never need the services of a consultant just by adhering to the advice and recommendations of Mark Joyner as explained in CIIM 2. This is a must-read to anyone starting a business."
Suzanne Grenier

"When reading these new Mark Joyner writings, throw away the HI-LITER pen and dip every page in a yellow HI-LITER bath. Mark Joyner is very much a knock down fighter with his every written word."
Chris Weresz

"Being a foreign marketer makes the road to success more arduous and unclearer. First due language difficulty and, secondly, because the Internet marketing information avalanche causes a lack of a clear vision. After many trials and errors I finally found Mark Joyner. Now with perfectly defined goals and the solid Marketing plan Mark Joyner provides, the clouds are vanishing fast. Thanks a lot."
Francisco Moriones

"... an incredible masterpiece ..."

"OK.. So I am totally blown away. I just learned more about myself, my business and my future goals from simply reading the Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript Volume II. I sat down to read this incredible masterpiece and just couldn't put it down. I have been struggling internally, as well as praying for an answer, and looking for a solid business plan to follow. The Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript Volume II is Action Packed Excitement from the very first page and will undoubtedly help answer your questions and provide you 'The Plan' you are looking for. I have already started implementing these strategies and will soon be launching my new program. I know success is just around the corner."
Eddie Muehlstein
Website Administrator

" ... you need this report!"

"I wish I had this report when I started online marketing, I'm sure glad I have it now. It's written so powerfully it feels like Mark Joyner has personally taken you aside to tell you everthing he knows about marketing a product online. I mean EVERYTHING!, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Mark tells it like it is, No BS, No Hype and No Fluff. He tells you what you need, what you need to know and what you need to expect. You need this report, I know I do!"
Steve Lundborg

"... this is a must-read ..."

"I have just finished reading Mark Joyner's Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript Volume II. I read it once but it definitely will be read again and again. If you are considering starting an online business this is a MUST read. If you have just started your business it is a MUST read. A MUST read because Mark pulls no punches, tells it like it is. You may not like some of the language he uses, but it gets the points across. Even if you have been in an online business for a while you still should READ this manuscript. I will be reading again just to catch what I may have missed before."
RJ Hopkins

"Mind-blowing!  A real masterpiece."

Mind-blowing! A real masterpiece. I have spent years at university studying Law and Economy, I have read loads of books, got inspired by many a good author, set up businesses successfully and I find all that experience and knowledge synthesized in simple words and valuable advise right here!
Yorgo & Alexandra Nestoridis

"... a fantastic masterpiece."

"What a fantastic masterpiece. I am adapting your killer business model to my new 'top-secret' project, even as I type this... You continue to amaze me. It doesn't get any better than CIIM2. I call it a 'wake-up-and-slap-you-in-the-face' style of pure, clear and very easy to understand wisdom and guidance. Gotta run. I'm off to implement the techniques in this book!"
Jason Mangrum

"... an in-your-face wake up call"

"WOW! With a doubt, CIIM Vol 2 is 'Excellence in Print'. When I was invited to preview this, I did so mainly out of intrigue... a relatively new marketer who's success on his last 2 products has been phenomenal, but he is still only 20 years old with his head very much screwed on. Combined with someone who is nothing less than a legend, with a reputation for straight-talking and 'telling it like it is'. That was enough to interest me. CIIM Vol 2 - DELIVERS. With an honest shoot-from-the-hip style, it gives a slap-in-your-face 'wake up call' with frank, honest techniques and strategies. The only way CIIM Vol 2 won't help your business, will be if you FAIL to USE THEM and implement them. The original CIIM was a world-famous classic. Volume 2 lives up to that reputation....... and more. GET IT."
Gary Durkin

"Hi Mark, I had only about 5% of your total marketing brain power consult with me for I used what you taught me there in my other projects. Just 1 little thing from that phone call, called the "boutique" affect, made me make a last minute change to my site literally 3 hours before it went live and helped me bring in almost $70,000 is sales in 1 day!  I will report to you soon on my first Million. I am so happy you decided to only sell a limited amount of these manuscripts. I applaud those that buy and have no words for those that have the chance to and do not."
Mike Filsaime

"Is there any amount of money that will keep you from releasing this product to the public? The insight Mark gives on how to launch a product and the secrets he reveals about integration marketing should NOT go out... I want them all for myself. I simply don't understand why you'd release these finding when others have to pay thousands over thousands of dollars for private consultations to get only a fraction of this knowledge. You must have lost your mind."
Miguel Alvarez
CEO, Third Sphere Web Hosting

"... an absolute must-read ..."

"Not for the faint of heart, Mark's CII2 manuscript is a powerful, mind-jolting wake-up call which will give all who read it a much needed kick in the pants, forcing them to open their eyes wide and seriously assess their approach to business in a way they never have before. Mark's straight-from-the-heart style of writing mimics a wise old man, grizzled from years of experience, who takes his teenage grandchildren by the hand.   Mark definitely 'tells it like it is' in an honest, straightforward manner. This manuscript is an absolute must-read for anyone who's already in business or those who are entertaining the idea of starting a business, whether it be internet-related or bricks and mortar. You will gain invaluable insight into what is required to be tremendously successful with his step-by-step plan of action. Mark's CII2 manuscript will definitely rock your world."
Deborah Willis
CEO, Moonshadow Marketing

OK, quick question ...

How may more cases of people calling this a "must-read" do I need to show you before you'll understand how important this document is?

     Listen, I'm not going to bundle this report with a bunch of bonuses you will never use or anything else.  The document itself is worth at least 10 times what you'll pay for it today.

     And, of course, you're protected by a full 200 day money back guarantee.  If you're not satisfied for any reason, you're entitled to a prompt and courteous refund - no questions asked.


Marty Crossland, PhD, MBA


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"Mark, I just want to say a real 'Thank You' to you. Like Napoleon Hill studied the most successful people in his era, I have studied you.  I have diligently applied your simple yet effective marketing strategies and principles to launch me to an overnight success online. I went from $500 per month to $500 per day and I truly owe it all to you."
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"Your words of complete wisdom changed my entire outlook on marketing and where I want to go with my business. I have no doubts that by applying your rock-solid marketing advice that I’ll be earning at least 10x times more this year, starting immediately."
Jason Mangrum, Joint Venture Consultant
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